5 Tips for Making Over Your Garden On a Budget

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If your garden is overgrown and full of weeds, you may dream of transforming it into a verdant paradise. However, you may worry that your landscaping visions are impossible on a limited budget. If a lack of money is holding you back from making over your garden, use these tips to make the transformation as inexpensive as possible.

1. Buy Wholesale Plants

Buying plants from a wholesale nursery, such as Din San Nursery, could cost you half as much as purchasing them from a retail store. Not all wholesalers are open to the public every day, but many of them have one day a month when they allow anyone to visit and buy plants. Research your local wholesale nurseries to access the low prices enjoyed by professional landscapers.

2. Create a Rock Garden

Boulders and stones are a very inexpensive way to fill in empty spaces in your garden. Consider creating an elegant rock garden to help your yard look a little less bare.

3. Use Reclaimed Materials

You don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars for neat wooden planters. Instead, you can make your own planters and garden beds from cheap wood pallets. Wrap an old wood pallet with garden fabric and staple it in place to create a contained garden bed that you can fill with soil and plants. If you have basic woodworking skills and tools, you can use the wood from the pallets to construct planters of any size and shape. When you've finished building your budget planters, why not add a coat of paint to brighten them up?

4. Grow Your Lawn From Seed

Laying down turf gives you an instantly beautiful lawn, but it's not the cheapest way to give your garden a green makeover. Growing grass from seed is a cost-effective alternative. Be sure to research the types of grasses that grow well in your region and soil type to ensure your new lawn thrives. During the first few weeks of lawn growth, you will need to regularly water and fertilise the grass seedlings to help them grow into a lush, green lawn.

5. Grow Plants From Cuttings

Many plants can be grown from cuttings taken from another adult plant, which is a less expensive alternative to growing plants from seeds. Ask your friends, family members or neighbours to let you take cuttings from their plants, shrubs and trees. Start these cuttings growing in small pots before you transfer them into the desired locations in your garden.


13 July 2016

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