Considerations in choosing the Right Design for your Pergola

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A pergola is an important construction in enhancing your home's outdoor life and overall appearance. It provides you with space to relax and unwind with your family and friends as you enjoy the nature and bond with each other. But before you engage the services of a pergola builder, there are critical considerations you have to take into account, one of which is design. However, design is also interwoven with other factors that you also need to consider carefully. This discussion seeks to explore some of these factors, and how they will influence your decision to settle for a particular design for your pergola.

The amount of space you have

The amount of space available on your compound will determine the design and shape you will opt for. The reason here is that a pergola needs to fit within the available space you have so that it can serve its purpose well. This consideration is backed by the fact that some shapes and designs occupy more or lesser space than others.

Construction materials

As you choose the right design for your pergola, you should factor in its building material. You have to consider the benefits and limitations of each available material because they will determine the overall beauty and longevity of the pergola. Some of the materials available are aluminum, steel, and wood.

The predominant use

Pergolas serve various outdoor purposes. However, different people attach higher priority to various functions. For instance, one family may prioritize beauty and the overall enhancement of their home's overall outlook while another one may prioritize shelter during certain seasons, for instance, winter or summer. If you are more focused on having a place to shelter and relax during summer, you may go for a design with a roof that allows in more light than heat. If your goal leans towards esthetic enhancement, you will settle for a roof design that can comfortably accommodate the weight of climbing flowers.

Shape also matters

Shape is another key component in the overall design of a pergola. All pergolas come in different shapes, and each of them has different implications. For example, the shape you use will determine the ease or difficulty with which you can assemble and attach the pergola to your house. Shapes such as square and rectangle are prefabricated, and they are easier to set up compared to other shapes. On the contrary, a pergola with a circle or hexagon shape is hard to attach to your main house.


24 February 2017

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