5 Easy Ways to Make Your Grass Look Good

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Most homeowners with a garden will want their lawn to be a beautiful, green and luscious site. It's not going to happen overnight or without some effort, but it doesn't require much to get some amazing results. Following these five tips should not only improve the appearance of your grass, but once you get started you will have a better understanding of what works the best for your particular lawn:

1. Mow it correctly

When mowing the lawn it might seem a good idea to mow the grass to the shortest length you can, to prevent having to do it again for longer. However, this is only going to damage the grass. Let the grass grow longer and mow it more frequently. Make sure you only cut off a third of the blade length to create healthier grass and keep mower blades sharp, so as not to tear through the grass damaging it even more. For more information, contact a business such as Cox Mowers.

2. Use the grass clippings

After mowing the lawn, instead of throwing the grass clippings away, leave them on the grass. They will quickly breakdown and decompose, which will then restore nutrients back to the soil. Some lawnmowers can be converted into a reel mower, which will leave the grass cuttings behind on the lawn. If this can't be done or you don't like the idea, then consider composting them instead and adding the compost to your grass. This will improve the water drainage and attract organisms, again releasing important nutrients.

3. Use a natural fertiliser

One quick and easy way to make your lawn look greener is by strengthening the roots of the grass. This can be done by using natural or synthetic lawn fertilisers. Consider using natural fertilisers, because these will be much better for the environment and work just as well.

4. Aerate the lawn

If your lawn suffers from a lot of foot traffic, especially from children or pets, then the soil will be compacted down and this will prevent soil organisms from establishing. By using a simple aerating tool just once a year you should be able to help improve the soil's air circulation. This will enable the grass to use the water and nutrients it receives much more effectively.

5. Water it properly

In extremely hot weather, make sure your lawn is watered in the correct way. Water the grass if the first couple of inches of the soil is dry to the touch. It should be carried out earlier in the mornings because the water will evaporate less. Water it more deeply and less frequently. This will make the grass roots grow deeper in the soil. Watering less deeply makes a shallow rooted lawn, which will dry out more quickly.

Hopefully, before long your garden will be the envy of your neighbours! 


19 May 2017

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