Avoid These Common Mistakes in the Care and Maintenance of Your Timber Floors

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Timber floors are very durable and usually very easy to clean, and they can easily last for many years if not even decades. However, the way you care for and maintain those floors will have a big impact on their overall appearance and how long they last, and on what repairs the timber may eventually need. Note a few mistakes that many homeowners often make in the care and maintenance of their timber floors, so you can avoid these yourself and ensure your floors look good for many years to come:

Extremes in temperature

Extreme heat and humidity can allow wood floors to bow and cup, while extreme cold can allow the wood to get brittle and then potentially crack and chip. Note if you tend to allow your home to get overly warm or cold throughout the year, such as when you leave for the day and don't turn on the furnace or air conditioner. If you go away for a holiday, you might also switch off the appliances, and your home's interior then gets bitterly cold or very warm and humid. You don't need to keep a very comfortable temperature in the home to avoid this damage, but ensure that you don't allow the interior of the home to get too hot or too cold either.


Timber flooring will need eventual sanding in order to remove the top layer and to prepare the timber for a new coat of sealant. Rather than sanding floors yourself, you might leave this job to a professional, as it's not unusual to apply too much pressure with a sander and remove too much of that timber surface and to actually create gouges. You might also apply uneven pressure when sanding, and wind up with a floor that feels sloped or downright bumpy. Remember that timber floors are very different than loose pieces of wood you use for a home project, so even if you think you're handy at home repairs, leave this job to a timber floor restorer.

Mats and rugs

Using mats and rugs can help protect the timber floors, as welcome mats may remove dirt and grit from under your shoes before you walk on the floors, and rugs can also protect the timber in high traffic areas. However, note the backing of such rugs and mats; anything made with sisal or wool, or that has a scratchy backing, will also typically scratch the wood itself. Vinyl or rubber can also grip the surface of timber and cause long scratches or gouges. Only use soft cotton rugs on your timber floors, to help protect the wood.


29 May 2017

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