Five Tips for Preventing Falls Around Your Skip


If you have a rubbish bin hire at your place of business, you may want to take special precautions to reduce falls around the bin. There are numerous steps you can take. Try these suggestions:

1. Don't Let Rubbish Build Up Around the Skip

Talk with your employees about the danger of leaving rubbish around the skip, and post signs on the skip instructing people not to leave bags of rubbish on the ground. If the skip is routinely overfilled, you may want to talk with the hire company about getting a larger skip or scheduling more frequent pickups.

2. Monitor the Area Around the Skip

Even if rubbish is not on the floor, liquids may spill around the skip. They may leak out of bin bags as employees carry them to the garbage, or liquid may even leak out of the bottom of the skip. That can become a slipping hazard.

To keep the area safe, monitor it on a regular basis. You may want to assign an employee to check that area daily, and you may want to have them sweep or mop as needed.

3. Consider Slip-Resistant Mats

If people are falling around your skip, consider putting slip resistant matting around them. This can work for skips that are in enclosed garages, but most of these mats are also durable enough to be kept outside.

4. Take Care of the Elements

If your skip is outside, it may not be rubbish that trips up your employees, literally. It may be the elements. If you are in a cold area, you may want to keep a bucket of ice melt near the skip. Then, employees can sprinkle it on the ground as needed. Regular shoveling is also important.

If it tends to rain a lot, you need to make sure that you have adequate drainage on your business property, If there are constantly puddles near the skip, that can make for a tripping hazard.

5. Throw Out Smaller Loads of Rubbish

When people are weighed down carrying heavy loads of rubbish, they may become unbalanced whilst walking or have even have trouble seeing their feet. That, too, can exacerbate the risk of falls. To prevent this, consider replacing the rubbish bins throughout your building with smaller bins. Then, all of the loads going to the skip are smaller and potentially safer.

To get more advice on using your skip safely, contact a hire company directly. 


4 June 2017

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