Important Questions to Ask When Arranging for a Floral Delivery

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Sending flowers to someone is a great gesture any day of the year, but especially for a birthday, anniversary, or other special event. Flowers can also be a good choice for someone who is ill or just home from the hospital or as a thank-you for a favour done. Whatever your reasons for arranging for a floral delivery, note a few important questions to ask of the florist, so you know everything involved and are sure to make the right choice for your recipient.

Ask if they can deliver at a specific time

If you know your recipient won't be home during the day, ask the florist if they can deliver during a certain window of time; you may be surprised to find that they can deliver in the evening or during lunch or at another specified time. They may also be able to ring the recipient and arrange a delivery time. If you have any worries about the delivery, ask how they can accommodate you!

Ask if there are accessories included

When you see a flower arrangement displayed online, don't assume that the vase, ribbons, or anything else is included in the arrangement. Some flower bouquets will need to come in a base or pot of some sort, but others are displayed with a vase or with other accessories just to enhance the photo. Never assume what is included, especially if you're having flowers delivered to a hospital or to someone's office where they may not have a vase or container for water.

Ask the longevity of flowers

Never be afraid to ask how long certain flowers should last after delivery. Some delicate orchids and other such blooms may be very beautiful but will have a short lifespan and are often preferred for weddings or displays for events, where they can be disposed of immediately afterwards. Other flowers, such as carnations and roses, may have a longer lifespan. To ensure your flowers will last as long as possible, don't hesitate to ask the florist for recommendations or about the expected lifespan of any flower.

Ask for recommendations for those with sensitivities

If you want to send flowers to someone with allergies or other sensitivities, you might ask for recommendations. Some flowers will be more lightly scented than others, so they're less bothersome to the sinuses and may be less likely to trigger allergies. A florist might also recommend a potted plant rather than flowers. Also, some plants will have blooms that are very beautiful but not so fragrant, or a plant without blooms can be the best choice for those who are highly sensitive to flowers and floral scents.


8 June 2017

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