Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

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Trying to clean your own home carpeting can be a mistake, as this job is typically more involved than you may realize. If you don't clean the carpets in your home properly, they may wind up becoming downright sticky, with matted fibres and even spots and stains that are more visible after cleaning than before. Note a few common mistakes that many homeowners make when cleaning their own carpets so you can avoid them yourself or determine if it's better to just have a professional do this job for you.

Too much shampoo

Adding too much shampoo to the water mixture is a common mistake that homeowners make, either because they don't read the directions on the bottle or don't know the measurements of their home to use the right amount of shampoo. Not rinsing the carpeting enough or extracting the shampoo properly can also leave a residue behind, so that carpets are sticky and attract more dirt after having been cleaned. Always read packaging directions on detergent bottles and ensure you use the right amount for the carpeting type and area of the space being cleaned, and ensure you rinse or extract it thoroughly after cleaning.


While you need to thoroughly rinse or extract the shampoo you use on the carpets, you also want to avoid over-wetting the home's carpeting. Never just dump water on the carpet, thinking that it should be soaked through in order to be rinsed properly. Always be sure you extract that water as often as needed to allow the carpeting to dry. It's also good to keep windows open and even add fans to the space for lots of air circulation, and avoid moving furniture back onto the carpeting until it's thoroughly dry. This will ensure the carpeting doesn't end up with wet areas that may result in mould growth under the padding.

Too much scrubbing

Some carpet cleaning machines will have rotating brushes that are good for tough fibres and ground-in stains. However, more delicate carpet fibres may get matted down and ruined from those brushes, and a steam cleaning without scrubbing will then be the better choice. You can also damage even the most durable of carpeting with too much scrubbing; don't assume that passing that machine over the carpeting again and again is a good idea, even if the carpeting is heavily soiled. A dry cleaning method with different chemical cleaners or a steam extraction that will help loosen dirt may be more effective and gentler on the carpeting.


16 June 2017

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