A Few Simple Tips for Choosing Awnings for Your Home

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Awnings are a great way to add some shade to your outdoor patio or deck space, making it more comfortable and inviting. Awnings can also provide protection against water damage around windows and flowerbeds, as they help direct rain away from your home and shrubbery. Decorative awnings are somewhat small and can add a pop of colour and style to a home's windows, without providing protection against rain and summertime sun. When you're ready to shop for awnings for any area of your home, note a few simple tips to keep in mind.


Your awnings should stretch past the width of the windows, or they may seem out of proportion.  When measuring your windows for awnings, be sure you measure the entire window frame width, and not just the window panes. You can even make the windows seem wider and larger if you add a few inches or centimetres to that measurement, so the awning is very wide; this can trick the eyes into thinking that the windows are just as wide!

Also, if you're considering stationary awnings, note if their depth may interfere with your view from inside the home, or make the home's interior too dark. Even on warm summer days, you may still want lots of sunlight inside the home so that the interior isn't dark and drab. A large, deep awning will cut off that light, and your view of the horizon. Consider choosing a shorter or even a retractable awning if you want to preserve your view to the outside and let lots of sunlight inside the home as well.

Consider the climate

If you live in an area with extremes in temperature, a metal awning may not be the best choice. Metal will hold both hot and cold, so heat may get trapped under the awning during summertime, and your patio or deck may actually feel colder during wintertime with a metal awning. A sturdy cloth awning won't trap those extremes in temperature, which then allows for a more comfortable space year-round.

However, if your area tends to get a lot of rainfall, it's good to consider a metal awning that will allow the rain to easily wash away from its surface. If you do choose a cloth awning, opt for nylon, as nylon is naturally water repellent and will also allow the water to wash away, while canvas or cotton may allow mould and mildew to form when exposed to consistent rainfall.


19 June 2017

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