4 Reasons Cat Owners Should Consider Motorised Blinds

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If you own a cat or two, you need to think a little harder whenever you make a change to your home. For one thing, cat-owners should give serious thought to installing somfy motorised blinds, and here are just four reasons why.

1. No Dangling Distractions

Probably the most compelling reason for cat-owners to use motorised blinds is that there won't be any dangling cords or wires to deal with. For most people, that's great because it creates a tidier and more attractive appearance; for those who share their home with cats, it means that their kitties aren't going to be treating the blinds like some kind of exciting new toy. A dangling piece of string or cord is going to look mighty attractive to them, so cats love batting them around and pouncing on them. This can damage the blinds, and it's also possible for the cat to get caught up while they are playing. By fitting motorised blinds, you eliminate the risk of this occurring.

2. Strong Construction

In general, motorised blinds are a lot stronger than traditional blinds. The mechanism that is used to raise and lower them can be quite powerful, so the blinds themselves can be made quite thick. This is advantageous if you have cats since they won't be able to paw the slats around and twist them up. Additionally, your cat won't be as likely to do any damage if they try to climb your blinds, whereas traditional blinds can be pulled right off the wall.

3. Perfect for Home Automation

One of the best things about having motorized blinds is that they are extremely easy to pair up with automation systems. This means you can set them to raise and lower at set times, which is going to be ideal if you need to leave your feline companion home all day. You can have the blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day, then you can have them raise up as things get cooler in order to give your cat a view out to the outside world.

4. Perfect When You're Snuggling

Okay, it isn't the most pressing concern in the world, but it can be heart-breaking when you're forced to push your cat off your lap just so you can go lower the blinds to keep the sun out of your eyes or make the room darker for TV time. When you're spending some quality time with your cat, getting up just isn't an option, so why not fit motorised blinds? You can raise and lower them simply by using a remote, so they'll never interfere with snuggle time.


22 June 2017

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