4 Signs Dormer Windows Are Right for Your Home

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If you are planning to build a new home, there are hundreds of aesthetic and functional choices you need to make. One element you may want to consider is dormer windows. A dormer is a bit of the roof that differs from the main roof line, and in this case, it features a window.

The roofline of the dormer window can be the the same relative direction as your roof, or the dormer can feature a roofline that's oriented perpendicular to the main roof. Regardless of which style you choose in the end, there are four signs dormer windows may be right for your new home.

1. You Want Extra Head Space on the Top Floor

Dormer windows create extra head space. That can open up the top floor for all kinds of purposes without committing you to putting an extra story on the home. The extra headspace makes the area more accessible for storage, but it also makes it easier to put a bedroom, a kid's playroom or a lounge in that part of your home. You don't have to commit to how you want to use that space right away—dormer windows can give you options for down the road.

2. You Want Extra Ventilation

The envelope of most contemporary homes is sealed so well that homes often don't get enough ventilation. Dormer windows create the potential for more ventilation in your attic. That can help with the cooling and heating of your entire home.

3. You Like the Style

In many cases, when building a home, the decision on dormer windows boils down to preference. Some people absolutely love the look of dormer windows. They can give homes a classic quality, and they can even evoke the sense of a cottage in a storybook.

Dormer windows can be built in a range of sizes and shapes. You can add a pyramid effect, opt for a recessed design or play with arches.

4. You Have a Professional Home Builder Helping You

Dormer windows are technically complicated. They disrupt the roofline, and to ensure that everything has the support it needs, they should be designed and installed by a professional. If you are a novice working on your own home, you may want to stick with simpler designs. However, if you are working with a home builder, he or she can easily add dormer windows for you.

To learn more about dormer windows and other types of home construction, contact a home builder directly.


27 June 2017

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