5 Things to Consider When Having a Cabinet Maker Design a Kitchen Island for You

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An island is the perfect way to pull your kitchen together and create more space for cooking. If you are having a cabinet maker create your island, there are a lot of choices to make. Here's what you need to consider.

1. Matching Kitchen Cabinets

Ideally, your island should complement your kitchen cabinets. You may want the base of the island to closely mimic the cabinets, or you may prefer a look that creates a compelling contrast. A skilled cabinet maker can easily copy the layout of your current cabinets, or he or she can create sketches of other ideas for you.

2. The Countertop

The top of your island can be the exact same material as your countertops. For example, if your countertops are granite, you can put that same stone on the island. However, you can also go for a contrast.

A butcher block top is a great one to consider. Most cabinet makers can easily source quality wood, and your professional should be able to steer you toward the right species, colour and grain for your kitchen.

3. Extra Appliances

Although cabinet makers specialise in creating storage spaces and working with wood, they can also build their cabinets to accommodate additions. In the case of your island, you may want to embed an extra oven or a wine fridge. In other cases, you may want the cabinet maker to create a island that can have a sink added to it.

4. Dining Spot

Islands can be expressly for cooking, but they can also work for dining. If you frequently have kids or guests in your home and you want to be able to chat with them whilst you cook, you may want a bar integrated into your island.

Similarly, if the family needs somewhere casual to take breakfast or snacks, you may also want to be able to dine at the island. That can be created in a number of ways. You may want the bar slightly raised from the food prep areas of the island to create visual contrast.

5. Extra Storage

Finally, you may want to consider extra storage and features. You may want the cabinet builder to put extra shelves, cubbies for storage bins or towel bars on your island. In other cases, you may want to add lights to display cabinets.

To talk more about your new island and which design ideas to consider, contact a cabinet maker directly.  


27 June 2017

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