Residential Security Doors: Four Essential Tips for the Selection Process

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You should think about installing a security door to protect your entrances against intruders. In general, burglars and robbers will take advantage of open doors to infiltrate your home and perform criminal acts. When you install a security screen door, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of an open door such as natural ventilation without compromising your safety. However, you should remember that all security doors are not equal in performance. Therefore, you should use the simple tips outlined below for the selection of an ideal residential security screen door.

Choose Aluminium or Steel Framing

You should choose aluminium or steel frames for your security doors. These materials are favourable because they are strong and durable. The frames will resist intrusion through forced lifting or mechanical impact. Steel is more beneficial than aluminium in security applications. It is stronger and can handle higher intrusive stress. However, if steel cannot fit into your home due to design limitations or corrosive conditions such as high environmental salinity, you should choose aluminium.

Think about Corrosion Resistance

If you decide to purchase steel security doors, you should ensure that they have sufficient protection against rusting and corrosion. Under ideal circumstances, the door elements should be completely galvanised to minimise the corrosive effect of water and air. You can also improve the aesthetics of the door and enhance the protection level by having the door powder coated. This finishing process can also be beneficial for aluminium doors.

Check the Door Locks

You should choose a door with reliable locks for your security door. If the lock is not strong, the door will be easy to infiltrate even if it is otherwise resilient. You should discuss the specifics of the locks with your supplier for ideal results. Ideally, you should choose doors with locks from trustworthy brands. However, if the brand is not well known, you should inquire about the warranty. Also, you should always choose mortise locks over surface-mounted alternatives because they are harder to compromise.

Consider the Hinges

You should check the type of hinges and the mounting options for your preferred security doors. You should remember that security doors are typically heavy. Therefore, the ideal hinge should be able to support the door with ease. For the best results, your door should utilise a welded pin hinge. This design provides the best support, minimising the risk of dislodgement. Butt hinges are not suitable for steel doors. However, they can be used for lightweight security doors.


16 February 2018

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