How to Choose the Right External Shutters for Your Home


External shutters can be a great choice for adding a decorative element to your home's exterior, breaking up the look of a long wall and of the home's siding or brick. Functional shutters can also add insulation around the windows and protect them from breakage during a storm. To ensure you choose the best shutters for your home and for your needs in particular, note a few tips before you even begin shopping.


If you want shutters that you can actually close, you can choose standard hinged shutters, or Bermuda shutters. Bermuda shutters are one long piece that attach at the tops of the windows. These shutters then open out from the bottom, like an awning. Bermuda shutters are often attached to homes in tropical areas to provide added shade even while the shutters are open. If you live in a very sunny area, this style can be good for your home, especially for windows that are not covered by shade trees. However, if you prefer the traditional look and the feeling of actually opening shutters, opt for standard side hinges.

Front design

Many standard shutters will have fixed slats that don't move, and these can add depth and visual interest to your home's exterior wall. However, note if a panel shutter, meaning one solid piece, might be a better choice. A flat panel can add contrast to a busy brick exterior, whereas a raised panel shutter, with a border etched around it, might coordinate with the square edges of aluminium siding.

Along with the design, consider carefully the colour you choose for your new shutters. Red shutters against red brick may be bland and dull, but a crisp white can make the shutters stand out. If your home's siding is white, choose a bold black or even a candy apple red for something rustic and traditional.


Wood shutters will fade more easily than other materials, and may swell, chip, or crack over time. However, you can also repaint wood shutters yourself, so they're a good option if you know you'll want to consistently change the colour of the shutters.

Vinyl shutters are very durable, but the material may look a bit artificial and even cheap, and may detract from the home's appearance rather than add to it. Aluminium shutters are very durable, won't rust or corrode, and need little maintenance over time. Aluminium also won't attract termites, as does wood, and has a natural look that you may prefer over vinyl.


22 March 2018

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