5 Ideas for Making a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

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Modernising a bathroom is a popular home improvement project. It's a relatively small scale project but it can make a home feel more contemporary and fresh without spending a massive amount of money. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, then it's important that any alterations you make are designed to maximise the available space and make the room feel larger and airier. Here are five ideas that will help you to achieve this with your bathroom renovation project.

1. Use a frameless shower screen

Shower screens are an essential feature in any bathroom and in a small bathroom, making the right choice can have a big impact. Frameless shower screens are the ideal choice because they don't create a visual barrier in the bathroom in the way a screen with a solid frame does. They help keep a clean, unhindered line of sight through the room which adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

2. Stick to light and bright tiles

Dark colours and heavily patterned tiles are very on trend right now but for a small bathroom, they should be avoided. Stick to white or very light tiles that have a shiny glazed finish that makes the room feel light, bright and open. If you'd like to add some pattern or colour, use it minimally by creating a feature row of tiles above the vanity or on the shower wall.

3. Choose a wall-hung vanity

Opting for a wall-hung vanity unit instead of a floor mounted version is another great way to create the illusion of more space. Although technically, you won't have any more usable floor space, to the eye the room will look larger when the floor area is less cluttered with fixtures.

4. Opt for streamlined fittings

In a bathroom where space is at a premium, fancy or ornate fittings will only crowd the room and make it feel cluttered and too busy. Instead, opt for streamlined and quietly elegant fittings such as tapware, handles and shower heads. For the vanity, you can even choose magnetic catches that allow the vanity to be opened by softly pressing the door to do away with fussy, protruding handles altogether.

5. Keep window dressings minimal

Ideally, use frosted glass in a small bathroom. This provides you with privacy and plenty of natural light without any superfluous window dressings. If you really feel the need for a window dressing, opt for one that sits neatly within the window frame and doesn't extend into the room. Blinds or shutters are a great choice for a minimal and streamlined bathroom window dressing.


30 April 2018

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