Selection of Tiles to Install Around Your Home

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Homeowners in the process of ether remodelling their home or adding an extension will undoubtedly be in need of tiles for multiple applications. Rather than sticking to the norm and selecting the staple porcelain or ceramic tiles, you may want to consider looking out of the box for unique options that will add an intriguing character to the different spaces where you install these tiles. Nonetheless, the vast assortment of styles and materials may be confusing for some people who have never had to pick out tiles for different functions around their home. Luckily, the vast range ensures that you will definitely find something that will suit your taste. The following is a brief guide to a selection of materials that you should not ignore when re-tiling your home.

Marble tiling

The average homeowner might steer clear of this tiling material because they might automatically assume it will be too expensive for their budget. Although marble is one of the priciest options you can consider, that does not mean that it cannot be an affordable solution for your home. The trick to using marble on a restricted budget is to only purchase a few tiles for small-sized applications, such as splashbacks or a focal feature on your walls. These natural stone tiles will inject a degree of prestige to your space with their unmatched sleekness. Take note to engage in periodic honing and sealing so that your marble tiles retain their rich finish.

Mosaic tiling

People who want a visually impactful tile for their home should consider leaning toward mosaic tiles. This type of tiling is made up of an array of small tiles that have been organised to create a cohesive pattern. The great thing about mosaic tiling is that it can utilise diverse materials ranging from stones to coloured glass Thus, no matter your budget, you are assured of finding mosaic tiling that will be suitable for your budget. Mosaic tiles are a perfect addition to kitchens and bathrooms, as they spruce up otherwise dull walls while still acting as functional splashbacks! Alternatively, you could choose to install mosaic tiles as flooring in rooms that need a face lift.

Glass tiling

With more and more people gravitating toward modernist design themes for their home, it is unsurprising that glass tile is currently one of the most popular options in the market. Irrespective of what type of glass you choose, this material can transform your space into a sleek and luxurious room. Glass tiles will evoke the feeling of being in a spa. Glass tiles are also highly functional in wet places, as they will not harbour bacteria nor breed mould, no matter how much moisture they are exposed to.


23 May 2018

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