Four Essential Tips for Using Your Self-Storage Unit

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You should think about renting a self-storage unit if you have some items in your home that cannot be placed in the available residential space. For example, if you have furniture, gardening equipment, children's toys and clothes that cannot fit in your house, you can choose this solution. Self-storage will ensure the security and safety of your valuable and sentimental items, and you will have convenient access to the property when required. Here are simple tips to help you get the most out of your rental storage space.

Elevate Items With Pallets

You should avoid placing your items directly on the floor of your self-storage unit. This precaution can help you keep your valuables in good condition. In simple terms, self-storage spaces are weatherproofed, but an accident can occur, leading to the flow of rain or melted snow into your space. If your cartons are not elevated, they could get wet. Also, it is possible for spills to occur in adjacent rooms. You can purchase new pallets, build the structures or acquire old ones from local shops.

Use Breathable Covers

You should plan on covering or packaging your items before storage. Covering the property will prevent accumulation of dust over time and subsequent staining and discolouration of the valuable goods. It is important to use breathable covers as opposed to plastic for the protection of your items. Plastics tend to trap moisture; the vapour will damage most materials, including timber and leather. Breathable fabrics will prevent moisture damage. You should also box your items in breathable cartons.

Ventilate and Insulate

You should plan for the ventilation of your storage unit. If there is no free flow of air in the space, there will be a high risk of mould and mildew growth. Ideally, you should organise your items such that there is continuous movement of air. You should also remember to leave a gap between the storage unit walls and your boxes. If you are planning on storing temperature-sensitive items, you should double-wrap the products or insulate them to prevent damage in extreme weather.

Plan for Future Access

Finally, you should plan for the future access of the items stored in the storage unit. Proper organisation of the space will guarantee uncomplicated access. For the best results, you should make an aisle to allow access to the boxes. You should make use of vertical space to maximise the unit while maintaining your path of reach. Additionally, you should remember to label all cartons and keep the marking visible.


13 June 2018

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