Reasons to Choose Resin Wicker Furniture for Your Outdoor Living Spaces

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When looking to furnish your outdoor spaces, you will find you have a wide selection of options to choose from. From trendy bistro pieces to add some style to your exterior living space to functional lawn furniture, you will ultimately be spoilt for choice. Nevertheless, one thing to bear in mind is that choosing outdoor pieces of furniture should not solely be based on cosmopolitanism. It is vital to select the right kind of material so that you can be assured of longevity. One option that remains popular is wicker outdoor furniture. However, instead of choosing rattan wicker, you should lean towards resin wicker, which is manufactured from polyethylene. While it may not feel like natural rattan, it does present a host of advantages that you can enjoy. Here are reasons to choose resin wicker furniture for your outdoor living spaces.

Resin wicker furniture is incredibly lightweight

A major selling point of rattan furniture is that it is very lightweight. But this does not mean you should discount its synthetic counterpart. The resin wicker used to manufacture these pieces is also designed to be light in weight to make sure they are easy to handle. This feature makes it is highly suited to homeowners that like to switch up the formation of their furniture as they feel the need to. Moreover, it also makes it quite easy to host a group of people, as you could easily add other seats to the area and move the rattan pieces without breaking your back. Lastly, if you ever need to put your resin wicker pieces into storage, perhaps when going on holiday, their portability makes this a simple chore.

Resin wicker furniture is simple to maintain

The main drawback of having outdoor furniture as that it requires regular cleaning. From airborne dirt particles to constant exposure to dust, your furniture can quickly become an eyesore. Upholstered furniture pieces can be arduous to maintain, as the fabric will need intensive cleaning to get rid of this dirt—not to mention the drying time they also need before they can be used again. Resin wicker, on the other hand, is one of the most straightforward materials to maintain. For instance, you do not have to be anxious about water damage or prolonged drying time because the resin wicker is waterproof. Secondly, since the resin is not porous (unlike rattan that is naturally absorbent), you do not have to worry about unnecessary stains from spills, dirt and other contaminating agents.


11 July 2018

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