Awning Glory: Finding the Right Shade Solution for Your Business

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If your business includes an outdoor area for your guests to sit in, you'll want to make sure you're offering them some shade. As pleasant as the sun can be, it gets overpowering very quickly indeed. There are a variety of different options, from umbrellas to shade sails — but perhaps a more elegant option is to have an awning installed. Designed to be affixed to the side of your building, awnings are convenient and effective. There are also several different kinds.

Fixed with Posts

These stationary structures stretch the awning fabric between your building wall and a fixed-position framework several metres out. The posts can be made of many different materials, but metals and wood are both popular. Because these posts help to support the weight of the awning, they enable you to build as large a shaded area as you require without putting any strain on the wall of your building. They can also help to define a set space where your guests will be sitting and can be decorative as well as functional.

Fixed without Posts

If you only need a small shaded area outside, you may choose to have a fixed awning installed without the support posts. This saves space in a smaller outdoor area, and you may also prefer the look. It also allows for a more flexible outdoor space, as you don't need to arrange your furniture around unmovable supports.


If you'd like to be able to remove the awning at your leisure, then a retractable awning may be a great option. This will hide both the frame and the fabric of the awning from view when it's not required. You can purchase both manual and motorised options depending on your budget and your preferences; either way, it will be significantly less stress and effort than assembling and disassembling a temporary structure every time.


If you are looking for the most low-cost option or won't be using your awning very often, then a temporary awning might work best for you. You will need to construct the frame and set it up yourself every time you need to use it, but it can be cleared neatly away whenever it's not in use. However, it's likely to be a structure with supports rather than something you can attach to the outside of your building, so take that into consideration if you need to conserve space.

Whatever you choose, you'll be giving your guests a comfortable and attractive environment to sit in — and perhaps even in your brand colours!  


27 July 2018

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As the parent of five children, I've picked up some tips over the years when it comes to childproofing the garden and creating an outdoor space that's safe and can be enjoyed by everyone. I started focussing on safety in the garden after my first child had an accident that could have been prevented. Thankfully, they recovered pretty quickly, but I realised how easy it is for young children to get hurt when playing outdoors. I started this blog to share what I've learned as a parent, and topics I post about include creating safe swimming pools, identifying toxic garden plants, choosing child-safe gates and maintaining outdoor play equipment. I hope you find my blog interesting and useful.