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A good way to add style to your home is to create a unique staircase. While wood steps and rails are very traditional, timber is not your only choice, and this type of staircase may do little to create any visual interest in the home. Note a few suggestions for unique staircase materials and designs that you might discuss with a contractor and then incorporate into your home.

Metal scrollwork

Iron, aluminium, steel, and other metals can usually be twisted and designed into unique scrollwork very easily, and this scrollwork can create a rich and regal look for your stair's balusters. You can combine this scrollwork with wood railings and wood stairs if you like a traditional but upscale look, or choose an all-metal railing and stairs for something more modern.

Enclosed stairs

Many homeowners keep their staircase open for a light, airy look in the home, but an enclosed staircase can give you space for unique paint colours or artwork. A half-wall can work as a balustrade or you can have a separate railing installed inside the enclosure.

Paint the enclosed area a bright colour, or add painted stripes, geometric shapes or wallpaper. You can even commission an artist to create a mural on the walls of the enclosure. Whatever your choice, by enclosing the staircase rather than keeping it open, you create a separate space for the stairs that is unique and original.

Plaster peg columns

Plaster peg columns are often used for outside railways and balconies, but they can also be brought inside for something very unique and original. You can opt for a thick column that adds weight to the staircase, or you can choose something a bit thinner and more lightweight for a smaller staircase. You might also add an antique paint wash for a bit of Mediterranean style.


Glass or acrylic stairs can bring a modern look to your home and keep a dark staircase as light as possible. Glass panels can work as both balusters and balustrades, and you can also opt for coloured or frosted glass for even more style. A row of lights under the glass or along its bottom edge also creates a nice glow and ensures you're safe when using the stairs. Solid glass or acrylic panels also offer maximum safety for children or pets in the home, as they won't be able to slide their head or fingers through the panels and may be at less risk of falling off the stairs.

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21 August 2018

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