How A Few Simple Additions Can Change The Entire Feel Of Your House

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Owning your own house is every Australian's dream and, once they achieve that, making it into a home is what they will spend a lot of their spare time doing. From decorating to re-purposing rooms, it is important to try new things to see what really feels right for you and your family. You will never know what the perfect layout and design of your house are if you don't try a few new things before settling down. While some of those purchases may be expensive, here are a few affordable items that you can try and change around to see if you find your dream combination. 


Your windows are very important sources of natural light and provide much-needed ambiance to your house, which is why it is a shame that so often people are content with whatever blinds are in front of them. If you bought your house with blinds or shutters that you don't really like, then now is the perfect chance to try something new and make this house your own. There are so many different varieties in the design, from horizontal blinds to classic Venetian blinds and everything in between. If you want your blinds to be more of a statement piece, then try some larger panel blinds. Or, if you want your blinds to be as inconspicuous as possible, get some neutral pleated shades that do well in the background.


Most people, before they get a house, usually just collect different odd bits of crockery sets in a very utilitarian mindset. You probably very rarely hosted any sort of nice dinner parties or professional meetups at your previous residence which is why there was no need to get a proper set of crockery but now that you have put down roots it is the perfect time to get a matching set of tableware. Go out looking for a set that suits the colour scheme of your home (particularly your kitchen and dining room) and begin reaping the rewards.


The lighting of a new house is often forgotten when doing a home inspection, which is why you can be caught off guard by your new home's lighting when you move in. Whether the lights are just a little bit too harsh or do not illuminate the whole room, there are many possible reasons you may want to change it up. Get the right luminescence that your eyes find nice and relaxing, and remove the stress of uncomfortable lighting. 


25 October 2018

Creating A Child-Friendly Outdoor Space

As the parent of five children, I've picked up some tips over the years when it comes to childproofing the garden and creating an outdoor space that's safe and can be enjoyed by everyone. I started focussing on safety in the garden after my first child had an accident that could have been prevented. Thankfully, they recovered pretty quickly, but I realised how easy it is for young children to get hurt when playing outdoors. I started this blog to share what I've learned as a parent, and topics I post about include creating safe swimming pools, identifying toxic garden plants, choosing child-safe gates and maintaining outdoor play equipment. I hope you find my blog interesting and useful.