Two tips for those who want to gradually decorate their home with designer homewares

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If you want to accumulate a collection of beautiful designer homewares, but would prefer to do this very gradually because these items can sometimes cost quite a bit, the tips here could help you with this goal.

Commit to one theme

If you prefer the homeware items around your house or apartment to match one another, then you might initially be perplexed as to how you can achieve this matching, perfectly-coordinated aesthetic, given your limited budget. The reason for this is as follows: when you have to buy your designer homewares over the course of many months (or years, even), you probably won't be able to buy multiple, matching items from each of the limited-edition collections released by your favourite decor designers. Because by the time you can afford to buy another piece from each of these collections, they will likely have sold out.

The solution to this problem is to commit to one theme; that will enable you to display a variety of designer homeware items, from different limited-edition collections, in the same areas of your home and make it seem like they match. For example, your theme could simply be 'rustic industrial'. In this scenario, each time you saved up enough for another new piece of designer homeware, you could look for items that feature cast iron, distressed wood, concrete or copper materials.

If every item you collect features one or more of these materials, you will find that the collection of homeware that you eventually create will be made of pieces that look like they match, even though they may have been created by completely different designers many years apart.

Sell one of your cheaper and less beautiful items every time you buy a new piece of designer homeware

Whenever you are in a position to afford a new designer homeware item, you should do the following before you actually purchase it; look around your home and see if there are any decor items that you do not really like, but which you bought simply because they were the best you could afford at the time. Then, put one of these items up for sale online and ensure that it is sold and out of your home before your new designer item arrives.

This will make room in your home for a decor item that brings you genuine happiness when you look at it and (if you follow this advice every time you want to buy some new designer homeware) will stop the property from getting too cluttered. Furthermore, the profit you make from the sale of this item will result in the purchasing of the designer item costing you a little less overall.


17 March 2020

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