5 Advantages of Under Tile Heating

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Underfloor heating has been popular for many years, with many people using it under laminate floors or carpet to make their home cosy and warm. Did you know that you can also use underfloor heating under tiles? Here are a few major advantages of under tile heating.

1. Under Tile Heating Is Invisible

Unlike other types of heating systems, which force you to incorporate wall-mounted heaters or radiators into your interior decor, under tile heating is completely invisible. As a result, this type of heating system places no restrictions on your design style, so you can decorate your home in any way you want without having to consider how unsightly heaters will fit into the overall plan.

2. Under Tile Heating Has Low Maintenance Needs

Under tile heating systems require very little maintenance compared to other types of heating systems. Once installed, an under tile heating system can work for many years with no maintenance at all. This type of heating system includes no fans or filters that require cleaning. Instead, insulated cables supply electricity to heating elements to produce heat. This highly reliable system contains no moving parts and is therefore unlikely to break down.

3. Under Tile Heating Has Low Running Costs

Under tile heating systems have surprisingly low running costs compared to wall-mounted electric heaters. Whereas some of the heat produced by wall-mounted heaters is immediately lost through the walls of your home, under tile heating systems heat the entire room, including the centre. Heating the air in the room from below sets up convection currents, which efficiently distribute the heat throughout the space.

4. Under Tile Heating Is Comfortable

One of the main complaints that people have about tile floors is that they can feel cold under the feet in winter. Under tile heating removes this undesirable effect, making the tiles feel warm to the touch. If you dislike wearing slippers or socks around your home in winter to keep your feet warm, under tile heating systems could be the perfect solution. Pets that spend a lot of time in tiled rooms will also appreciate the warmth provided by an under tile heating system.

5. Under Tile Heating Is Versatile

Under tile heating systems are suitable for homes that use both concrete and timber sub-floors. No matter what type of floor supports your tiles, you and your family can enjoy the benefits of an under tile heating system.


2 July 2020

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