Top Reasons for Installing a Laminate Kitchen Benchtop Over a Stone Benchtop

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From accommodating hot pans and cutting boards to acting as an entertainment platform, there is no denying that a modern kitchen benchtop sees a variety of activities. Therefore, it is wise for homeowners to choose kitchen benchtops made from durable materials. Two materials that promise such durability are stone and laminate. When pitted against each other, stone and laminate stand their own both aesthetically and functionally. However, there are various reasons why you should choose laminate benchtop over a stone benchtop. This article makes a case for the former.

Affordable Per Square Metre 

Whether you are building a new kitchen benchtop or renovating an existing one, you will spend some money. Therefore, the objective of most homeowners is to save as much money as possible without compromising the quality of a kitchen benchtop. Compared to natural stone, laminate wood is the more affordable material per square meter. For instance, a stone kitchen benchtop costs between $700 and $1,700 per square meter — including installation — while laminate benchtops costs between $150 and $600. A laminate kitchen benchtop is a no-brainer choice for homeowners on a tight budget who want value for money.

Easy to Replace 

One might make a case for a stone benchtop over a laminate benchtop by pointing out that the former lasts longer. Nonetheless, chipping and scratching are inevitable, given the myriad of sharp and heavy kitchen equipment used on benchtops. The downside with stone benchtops is that these disfigurements are permanent, and repairs or replacements can be quite costly. Although laminate will scratch or tear over time, it is cheaper and easy to repair or replace. It might explain why most homeowners do not mind replacing laminate benchtops at the first sign of scratches or tears. The costs involved are negligible when compared to repairing or replacing stone benchtops.


People breaking glass plates, cups and mugs is a common occurrence in a kitchen. Since stone benchtops are dense, it is easy for falling glass items to break. It can be quite dangerous if you have children around your house who love to get dishes for themselves. On the other hand, laminate kitchen benchtops are a safer option primarily because the material is less dense. Therefore, laminate effectively absorbs the force from falling dishes, thereby making breakages less likely. What's more, bumping into laminate benchtops hurts less compared to bumping into stone benchtops, particularly for children.


8 September 2020

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