Retractable Vs. Fixed Awnings: Which Shade Should You Choose?

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The new craze for outdoor living spaces is remarkable. A well-designed deck or patio not only brings families together, but it's also a value-boosting investment for your home. However, to get the most out of your outdoor spaces, you can prolong the amount of time you'll comfortably spend by incorporating overhead shade. Consequently, you get to enjoy more time in your backyard as well as protection against harmful UV rays bleaching of your deck. 

While there exist numerous options for installing your shade, most homeowners find fixed or retractable awnings ideal, with multiple colours and design options. When deciding between the two, consider your outdoor space as well as climate. They both have their benefits and limitations as per your unique situation. 

Fixed Awnings

One significant advantage of fixed awnings is that they offer excellent protection from weather elements all year round. However, this is also one of their biggest disadvantages. You must consider factors like heavy snow loads and average rainfall when installing fixed awnings. That means their installation is not suitable for DIY amateurs.

When considering permanent awnings, enlisting an experienced installer can save you from unnecessary worries, especially during windy and heavy rainfall conditions. Other common drawbacks of fixed awnings are that they are difficult to clean and may require building permits for installations. 

However, when considering durability and protection, fixed awnings have no match. They can be customised to cover a wide expanse and be able to handle all kinds of debris. You can also go as far as hanging your plants and decorative materials from them. 

Retractable Awnings

Choosing retractable awnings for your patio means sacrificing a little protection for the benefit of sunshine whenever needed. Homeowners can partially or completely retract these awnings or change their angle or pitch to meet their requirements. These awnings are ideal for potted deck gardens and are much simpler to clean. A retractable awning will allow you to use a fire pit while gazing at the stars at night. 

Modern awnings come with lighting and heating options, as well as automatic weather sensors. Depending on the weather condition, they retract or extend to offer protection while extending their service life. Besides, when upgrading your home's interiors and exteriors, retractable awnings allow you to change and add matching fabrics. They are easily customisable to suit your individual tastes and preferences with more design and colour options available.

The Verdict

Both fixed and retractable awnings have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the perfect awning will depend on your immediate requirements. If you need a seamless and efficient operation, consider modern retractable awnings. However, choose fixed awnings if you are looking for sturdy, durable and customisable shades.


27 October 2020

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