Top Factors that Dictate the Size of Louvre Shutters to Buy

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If you have an enclosed pergola on your property, there comes a time when you might want to upgrade it. What better way to do it than with louvre shutters? Notably, they add style and elegance to your outdoor space. However, personalising louvre shutters to fit your pergola windows requires a careful approach. For example, you must choose shutters with the right louvre size. This article highlights essential factors to consider when selecting louvre size for outdoor shutters. Keep reading.

Level of Obstruction

One significant advantage that louvre shutters have over other designs is the louvres' spaces. For example, they allow a breeze to blow through, and you can enjoy the landscape even when the shutters are closed. However, louvre size determines the amount of space on the shutters and the level of obstruction. For instance, if you do not have a picturesque view of your property, then small louvre shutters will suffice since they have a high obstruction level when closed. However, if you have a scenic landscape, then shutters with big louvres are ideal. The louvres are spaced wide apart, which ensures a less obstructed view of the outdoors. 

Available Window Clearance

What is the depth of your window? Most homeowners do not bother to ask the question when installing louvre shutters. However, ignorance can lead you to buy the wrong louvre shutter size for your pergola. Ideally, pergola windows with deep windowsills are compatible with large louvre shutters since they have enough clearance, which allows the width of each louvre to tilt without hitting a windowpane. It makes it difficult to close or open the louvres completely if the windowsills are too shallow. Similarly, shutters with small louvres are excellent for windowsills with limited clearance.

Ease of Maintenance

The louvres on shutters collect dirt and dust on the hinges and the panes over time. Therefore, they must be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal functionality. However, the size and number of louvres determine the amount of cleaning you have to contend with. For example, small louvres have numerous panes, and the tiny spaces do not allow your fingers through when cleaning. Consequently, it makes maintenance challenging. For instance, you might need to wipe each pane from the inside and outside of your pergola. Since shutters with wider louvres have few panes and large spaces between the panes, they are easier to clean. The same applies when conducting repair work.

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28 December 2020

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