5 Tips When Planning Bathroom Renovations

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Bathrooms are generally one of the smallest spaces in a home, yet one of the most important, and require a lot of careful planning and design. If you are about to start on a bathroom remodelling project to upgrade your space, there are many factors to consider. Here are five tips when planning bathroom renovations:

1. Get clear on the design

The clearer you are on the design, the better. One of the most important design elements of a bathroom is lighting. The lighting should be both functional and set the appropriate mood, such as calm and peaceful. Other design factors to consider include tiling, layout and more. If you need inspiration, check out magazines and trends online. It is also helpful to consult with a professional designer.

2. Budget appropriately

Once you are clear on your design, make sure your budget can cover the cost of your renovations. You may need to make adjustments or decide to keep certain parts of your bathroom the same to save costs. It is important to remember that bathroom remodelling does not always mean you need to change every part of this space. A simple and carefully planned bathroom renovation can still achieve the look you want while saving costs.

3. Consult with an electrician and plumber

In the early stages, it is important to get an electrician and plumber to assess the pipework and bathroom floor line. Getting a builder to assess your layout is also important. Make sure to budget for these services too.

4. Ensure your bathroom is built to last

Bathrooms experience a lot of wear and tear in the form of wet floors, humidity, temperature changes and more. Make sure the materials used in the bathroom for fixtures such as bathtubs, countertops, tiling and shower enclosures are durable and easy to maintain. For example, porcelain tiling is a great option due to it only having an 0.5% porosity, meaning it won't absorb much water. If you aren't sure about the best materials to use, a professional designer can help in this area.

5. Consult with a professional

If you aren't too confident when it comes to renovations, it is recommended to consult with a designer. Your designer can be as involved as you like and make the process smoother. If you choose to go with a professional, it is still important to keep all these tips in mind, but you will be at ease knowing you are in capable hands. Make sure you choose a designer who understands your vision and is easy to work with.

These are five tips to help you plan a successful bathroom renovation. Contact a bathroom renovation service for more information. 


19 May 2021

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