How to Choose the Right External Shutters for Your Home


External shutters can be a great choice for adding a decorative element to your home's exterior, breaking up the look of a long wall and of the home's siding or brick. Functional shutters can also add insulation around the windows and protect them from breakage during a storm. To ensure you choose the best shutters for your home and for your needs in particular, note a few tips before you even begin shopping.

22 March 2018

Five Tips for Preventing Falls Around Your Skip


If you have a rubbish bin hire at your place of business, you may want to take special precautions to reduce falls around the bin. There are numerous steps you can take. Try these suggestions: 1. Don't Let Rubbish Build Up Around the Skip Talk with your employees about the danger of leaving rubbish around the skip, and post signs on the skip instructing people not to leave bags of rubbish on the ground.

4 June 2017