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4 Signs Dormer Windows Are Right for Your Home

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If you are planning to build a new home, there are hundreds of aesthetic and functional choices you need to make. One element you may want to consider is dormer windows. A dormer is a bit of the roof that differs from the main roof line, and in this case, it features a window. The roofline of the dormer window can be the the same relative direction as your roof, or the dormer can feature a roofline that's oriented perpendicular to the main roof.

27 June 2017

4 Signs You Need to Hire a Professional for Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos was long used as a building material in Australia, and if you are working on an older home, you may encounter asbestos. Wondering if you can deal with it yourself or if you should call a professional? Here are some signs you should call in the pros. 1. You Aren't Sure Where the Asbestos Is Asbestos was used in a number of building applications. It can be in old flooring, insulation or other parts of your home.

27 June 2017

4 Reasons Cat Owners Should Consider Motorised Blinds

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If you own a cat or two, you need to think a little harder whenever you make a change to your home. For one thing, cat-owners should give serious thought to installing somfy motorised blinds, and here are just four reasons why. 1. No Dangling Distractions Probably the most compelling reason for cat-owners to use motorised blinds is that there won't be any dangling cords or wires to deal with.

22 June 2017

Why Shade Sails Would Be a Perfect Addition to Your Residence

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Australia is famed for having pleasant weather all year round. The summer months are long whereas winter weather is relatively mild. Nevertheless, having hot weather for most of the year also poses the risk of excessive UV exposure, sunburn, increased cooling bills and more. An easy way of protecting yourself from these drawbacks while still getting the chance to make the most of the warm weather is by investing in shade sails.

21 June 2017

A Few Simple Tips for Choosing Awnings for Your Home

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Awnings are a great way to add some shade to your outdoor patio or deck space, making it more comfortable and inviting. Awnings can also provide protection against water damage around windows and flowerbeds, as they help direct rain away from your home and shrubbery. Decorative awnings are somewhat small and can add a pop of colour and style to a home's windows, without providing protection against rain and summertime sun.

19 June 2017

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

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Trying to clean your own home carpeting can be a mistake, as this job is typically more involved than you may realize. If you don't clean the carpets in your home properly, they may wind up becoming downright sticky, with matted fibres and even spots and stains that are more visible after cleaning than before. Note a few common mistakes that many homeowners make when cleaning their own carpets so you can avoid them yourself or determine if it's better to just have a professional do this job for you.

16 June 2017

Important Questions to Ask When Arranging for a Floral Delivery

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Sending flowers to someone is a great gesture any day of the year, but especially for a birthday, anniversary, or other special event. Flowers can also be a good choice for someone who is ill or just home from the hospital or as a thank-you for a favour done. Whatever your reasons for arranging for a floral delivery, note a few important questions to ask of the florist, so you know everything involved and are sure to make the right choice for your recipient.

8 June 2017

Avoid These Common Mistakes in the Care and Maintenance of Your Timber Floors

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Timber floors are very durable and usually very easy to clean, and they can easily last for many years if not even decades. However, the way you care for and maintain those floors will have a big impact on their overall appearance and how long they last, and on what repairs the timber may eventually need. Note a few mistakes that many homeowners often make in the care and maintenance of their timber floors, so you can avoid these yourself and ensure your floors look good for many years to come:

29 May 2017

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Grass Look Good

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Most homeowners with a garden will want their lawn to be a beautiful, green and luscious site. It's not going to happen overnight or without some effort, but it doesn't require much to get some amazing results. Following these five tips should not only improve the appearance of your grass, but once you get started you will have a better understanding of what works the best for your particular lawn: 1. Mow it correctly

19 May 2017

Considerations in choosing the Right Design for your Pergola

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A pergola is an important construction in enhancing your home's outdoor life and overall appearance. It provides you with space to relax and unwind with your family and friends as you enjoy the nature and bond with each other. But before you engage the services of a pergola builder, there are critical considerations you have to take into account, one of which is design. However, design is also interwoven with other factors that you also need to consider carefully.

24 February 2017